Pro-life/Pro-choice Role-Switch Exercise Ends in the Real Thing

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A pro-life group and a pro-choice group based in Alabama have switched sides in real life after a role-play perspective-switching exercise.  The session was organized by a local pastor as a bridge-building activity after tensions came to a head between the groups over picketing at a local abortion clinic.

Anne Beck, previously the head of “Stand Up 4 Life,” now president of “Choice is a Right,” recounts the experience as “a real eye-opener.”  After brainstorming arguments for the pro-choice stance she “became totally convinced of the soundness of that position.  Of course a woman should have the right to decide matters concerning her own body.  We were ultimately convinced after we found numerous passages in the Bible that definitively supported this idea.”  Leslie Knackerman explains her conversion in the opposite direction: “I am ashamed of my past, but now I just want to move forward in line with what is fundamentally right.  As became abundantly clear to myself and my colleagues upon intensive study of the Psalms, the Lord is unambiguous about the righteousness of our beliefs.”

For the sake of efficiency, the two groups have decided to switch offices wholesale, walking away cold-turkey from everything at their old spaces, including personal effects: “the eyes that looked upon the pictures of my children at my old desk were eyes that were guided by the Devil,” Knackerman explains, “I do not wish to bring such tainted effects into my new environment.  In keeping with the situation, we will be holding a baptism for our members at the office watercooler to wash us of our sins and symbolize our re-alignment with the true teachings of Jesus Christ.”

While the two sides have changed their stripes, the animosity between them remains.  “We have always stood up 100% for our convictions, and that isn’t going to change,” Knackerman asserts, “all that has changed is our convictions.  We’ll continue to fight the good fight back on the front lines tomorrow.  The picket signs are already made up.”

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