Local Man Dumps Girlfriend after Discovering Revealing Texts

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A local man got a revealing peek into the female mind when he accidently happened upon some text messages that his girlfriend of five months had been exchanging with a friend from her hometown.  “I was disappointed, to say the least,” the man – who wished to remain anonymous – said, “I was particularly shocked because I thought that our relationship was on pretty solid ground – more than it apparently was.”

According to the man, the offending text message exposed his girlfriend’s ulterior motives regarding their relationship.  “It read something to the effect that, she adored my personality and loved me so much that it wouldn’t really matter how I looked.  It was a bit of a knife to the back, as I’m sure you can understand,” he went on, “in hindsight, I should have noticed the warning signs: the way that we would stay up until all hours of the night in deep conversation and engage in riotous bouts of laughter, how she introduced me to her mother so quickly, and used to show me off at the Mensa meetings – in the end, I was just ‘brain-candy’ to her, I guess.  It was all so one-dimensional.  When we did have sex, she would need to be stimulated intellectually, to ‘connect’ and have sensitive pillow talk.  Also, she would always turn the lights off before we did it.”

“Sure,” he went on, “she was devastated [over the breakup], but she just kept wanting to talk about it, to communicate – see, she still doesn’t get it – she has a one-track mind – this is what got us into this whole mess to begin with.”

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