Gilles Duceppe likes to “do sex” in English

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In her newly-released tell-all memoir, dominatrix Isabelle Beaudry claims that Gilles Duceppe liked to “do sex” in English.  The mistress of the former Bloc Quebecois leader pulled back the covers on their long-term affair that took place while Duceppe was still holding public office.  “We would meet at Central Station in Montreal,” she said, “He would have me pretend that I was an anglo banker from Toronto and then we would go up to one of the suites in the Queen Elizabeth hotel where we would fait l’amour.”  According to Beaudry, Duceppe got off on her ordering him around in English – “it was ‘dirty talk’ to him.”

“But, sometimes, he liked to switch it around and take on the dominant role.  He would have me scream ‘non,’ ‘non,’ to which he would demand that ‘non means oui! – and yell, ‘oui,’ ‘oui,’ ‘oui!’  He was like an animal.”

The revelations sit well with Clotaire Rapaille, the French psycho-analytic marketing guru who infamously had his contract cut short by the city of Quebec in 2010 after his preliminary findings suggested that the city has a “sadomasochistic” relationship with the rest of Canada.  “Of course I am not surprised,” Rapaille remarked when reached by phone at his Florida mansion, “the reptilian always wins™.”

Gilles Duceppe’s office did not respond to our requests for comment, but there was a brief statement posted on his website – in an apparent plea for privacy – declaring that “The state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation.”

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